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PRIVATE BEAUTY where this Waterslide bordered by luxury and technology. This campsite offers itself a remarkable gem when the most beautiful toboggan aquatic makes its place among the flagships of the fabulous program. Embark on the AquaSlide universe and discover the most complete range of aquatic equipment and fun games.
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MEASURES AND MEASURES for this toboggan water park AquaSlide. Its profile and its volumes give it an exceptional character. Without equivalence, this toboggan water park is a reflection of its time and certainly the benchmark in terms of design and majestic conception.
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ALONE AND UNIQUE, the amalgam of Pool slide the ambitious project challenges the audacious architectural mastery in a context of sobriety. Unparalleled natural beauty, this toboggan swimming pools expresses the desire to get out of customs, because escaping traditions is essential for the happiness of children.  
- Impose the AquaSlide signature and the quality pool slide from a world-renowned manufacturer.

RESOLUTELY DIFFERENT, Water game planted in a sumptuous setting, propels adolescents into a breathtaking delirium. Impressive by its architecture, this prestigious water game caused a sensation and quickly became the theater of multi-games for children. Combination of water slides, weir and dissimilar apparatus. A flip-flop in a secure space, proof of their extravagance, their magical fantasies and delusions. 
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RARE, LIMITED, prescribers are snapping up this Custom-made game structure to extraordinary blends. Designed for unparalleled pleasure, this majestic play structure developed with the greatest care by our design office, allows multiple combinations offering a top of the range finally affordable. A prodigious synthesis of technology left as such to the frenzy of pampered children ...
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PERFECT ALLIANCE of atmosphere and new trends, theIndoor play area is the reflection of a development in perfect agreement with our academic requirements. Explore the wealth of layouts and the multiple possibilities of theindoor play area as effective as they are attractive. Like our fun games, the professional game structure is distinguished by the development of young children.

NEW TREND, both unique and Snobbish, this Wild river leads you into leisure and relaxation. On the trail of adventurers, the wild river with a winding and exotic course awaits you in a heavenly setting. A lover of exploration and legend, inspiration is not lacking in the sumptuous space of Lazy river ou Slow River.
- Discover the joys of the wild, breathtaking river!

THE HERITAGE BRAND of this large pool enclosure for camping marks a true signature of unparalleled progress. For this large pool enclosure, let us focus on duration over time. Indeed, you will transfer it to your descendants! Leaving its mark on the international scene, AquaSlide has reached the pinnacle of consecration in pool enclosure superstructure.
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BEAUTY AND LUXURY highlight the Pool furniture. Fashion is no longer a dreamcatcher but an essential. AquaSlide, creator of atmosphere and well-being, makes you discover the pool furniture revised to the taste of your customers. Our prodigious collection of pool furniture responds to extravagant fantasies.

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Failing to nurture your dreams of excellence, let's shine the spotlight on our Multi-brand group.
A step ahead of innovation, our best ally takes on a scent of truth about our 30 Years of activity.
 AquaSlide, is initially developing the widest range of swimming pool equipment in Europe, AquaSlide acts as a water slide manufacturer, swimming pool slide, water park slide and water game.
AquaSlide now has a prominent position as pool slide manufacturer France and internationally, propels the play structure, the indoor play area but also the wild river, the pool enclosure and the pool furniture.
Our design office constantly adapts the solution to your projects, supports you at each stage of your study and takes stock of your obligations.
The know-how of our multidisciplinary teams meets the highest demands and standards of professional water slide linked to very specialized trade.
AquaSlide is omnipresent in the sectors, outdoor hotels and water parks with a portfolio of references to its credit.
Each project is a reflection of its time ...
... ours are the reference


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